Episode 3: BIT

In which the Amazingly Bearded Man cuts his hair.

The last piece of music is from the sci-fi concept album “Throw the Color Off” by The Portrait Now. Stream it free or purchase for 50% off through July! theportraitnow.bandcamp.com/

  • 16.07.2012
  • Posted by Ian
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8 Comments to Episode 3: BIT

  1. chubaso 2:33 PM

    Great, i love this webseries, it has thisold scool sci fi feeling and is really original. Wish you will one day make a movie like this !

    keep on your great work Ian!

  2. Luke 9:45 PM

    I am enamored with this web series. I think it’s the very best I have seen. For real. I think your storytelling is superb. If you folks lived in my town I would track you down and make you work with me on this stuff.

  3. Zet 8:16 PM

    What is the name of the opening song?

  4. Taloneer 1:25 PM

    I’ve got amused from the first seconds.
    Legendary episodes!
    I can’t wait for new series!

  5. DarkWire 1:52 PM

    Fantastic piece of SciFi-Art. Has that bit of a Shadowrun/apokalypse retro-feeling, Great. work Ian & Scott.

    I stay tuned, promised!! :-)

    PS: Hope you get your work done with Tears of Steel and Project London soon!! Can’t wait for it :-) !

  6. Anonymous 5:16 PM

    Awesome indeed!

    @Zet: in the credits opening song is “Shade Theme” by Wesley Slover

    A minor annoyance of mine is the car at center-left of frame at 2:15 it looks fake whereas all the other cars sell the effect, the windows should not be white-transparent.

    I must say, a behind the scenes of this would be amazing, as well as what kind of Justacluster-style render farm is being used here.

    Also, the docking sequence and lead up during the Shade Theme is awesome as well, I’ve watched that portion alone 10 times already.

    Another minor gripe, in the docking sequence there is a clear discontinuity:
    At 1:50 we see the Phantasmagorical Menace (ship) is at least 30m or so away when landing lights are fully extended; yet at 1:56 it has passed the landing lights while they were still extending.

    Still the best episode so far though!

  7. Ian 9:35 AM

    Anonymous: Ah! Thanks for the thoughts!

    Haha, it’s totally true; in the landing sequence, the shots were initially designed to be in a different order, but the flow didn’t work. This way the flow worked better, but it had the discontinuity in it. I was hoping folks wouldn’t notice :P. Always have to try to hit that balance of making things good enough, but not try to make things so perfect that the episodes take forever to come out (still trying to hit that second one).

    And you’re absolutely right about that car! I rendered that scene a good 3 times, given the number of frames, that was no small thing, so I decided to just live with it.

    Actually, so far everything’s been rendered on a G74 laptop, which has got some heft behind it, but mostly it’s made possible through insane amounts of cheating in the CG. Lots of low-res photo projection, lots of simple matte paintings. But yeah! I’m hoping to get a behind-the-scenes thing going soon!

    Thanks again for the thoughts!

  8. Joy T 8:47 PM

    I love the visual effects work and setting design of this series! This episode has made me shout aloud in appreciation several times over the details that make this story’s world believable. The faltering neon sign was a wonderful touch. Though Shade’s massive size might be assumed based on the spread of lights on an otherwise dark planet in a previous episode, seeing the highrises stretch into the horizon made its vastness even more real.

    It’s hard to play favorites with a great cast bringing a stellar script to life, but Josh Truax is a pleasure to watch. I hope I’m not the only one who wants a Twin Peaks reboot just to see Mr. Truax in the role of Special Agent Dale Cooper!

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